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Not Your Average 
Plumbing Company


Why Choose Janicek's

Delivering Service Beyond Expectation

There are many reasons to choose Janicek's Plumbing.


Let's start with our amazing team. Each of our licensed team members live in the areas we serve. They know all about helping their neighbors with that small town service ethic. When a Janicek's technician comes to help you, it'll feel like a friendly neighbor stopping by to say hi (and fix your plumbing problems!)


Janicek's Plumbing is a family owned business, and when you become a customer of ours, you become part of our family. This family was founded in 1962 in Wallis, Texas, and has expanded to serve the greater Houston area since then!


Not only do we guarantee our quality workmanship... we guarantee a one of a kind experience. Our commitment is to you.  We will work with you on custom solutions for multiple service options from the immediate fix to the long-term solution.  We understand that “Oh my gosh! What do we do?” moment.  Our technicians are here to solve the issue you have.

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